Thinking outside the classroom.

Project Management

Kathleen Egan & Associates has PMP-trained resources to lead all aspects of the project from start to finish which ensures that deliverables are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Specific capabilities include:

agile.pngAgile/Rapid Development: Applying Agile and other methodologies to support collaborative projects, efficiencies, and tight deadlines.

learning-theory.pngLearning Theory: Understanding and apply emerging research to increase organizational knowledge and individual skills and competencies.

org-knowledge.pngOrganizational Knowledge: Creating systems to document important processes in order to nurture and grow a company's most important asset, its organizational knowledge. 

process.pngProcess: Creating a seamless process to ensure milestones are met, deliverables are completed on time, project workflow is followed, and all products are high quality using tools such as Basecamp, Asana, Dropbox, etc.

program-plan.pngProgram Planning/Audits: Collaborating with organizations to implement or improve programs that support the mission of the business. 

technical.pngTechnical Solutions: Using technology to support business outcomes and increase efficiencies and collaboration.

Some of our clients include:

  • AP Ventures
  • Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS)
  • Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS)
  • Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)
  • Pandora
  • University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)
  • UMBC Training Centers